dinsdag 17 november 2015

Vegan sugar free Vanilla Chocolate Chip Icecream (and it tastes just like the real thing!)

Oh my word. This icecream. It's just so nice! And it's nog even unhealthy. 
It's been fifteen years since I've eaten "normal" icecream, but my completely non-allergic husband also says it tastes like the real thing :-)

So! You'll need:
250 ml rice cream (Provamel)
200 ml rice milk
Big heaped tbsp mild honey
15 drops stevia
5 ml vanilla extract (or a pod!)
32 gr dark sugarfree chocolate (I used Vivani), cut into tiny chunks. 

And then begins the incredibly complicated process:

Toss it all together and stir!

Then put it in an ice cream maker, or a midas pan, or just in a bowl in the freezer (and then stir every once in a while)

That's all! Enjoy!