zondag 26 oktober 2014

Homemade Delicious Baileys :) (sugar and dairy free. And vegan, of course!)

This Baileys is ridiculously lovely. And though not the healthiest thing I'll ever drink drink, certainly not nearly as unhealthy as the shop bought version! And it is cheaper, too :-)

For a bit more than one liter of Baileys you'll need:

200 ml whiskey (I use Jameson's)
2 packets of rice cream (Provamel): 400 ml in total
1 heaped table spoon of (raw) cocoa
bit of rice milk
100 gr of (neutral flavoured) honey
150 ml of very strong coffee
Teaspoon of vanilla extract. 

Stir the cocoa with a bit of rice milk until it becomes a saucy consistency (if you don't have rice milk I'm sure water will do the trick)
Stir all ingredients together until the honey is all dissolved: you're done!
Try not to drink it all at once!